1. Publication Opportunities:

1.1 Intersectionalities Special Issue Call for Papers: Rhetoric and Reality in University and Community Engagement and Praxis.

This special issue will be guest edited on the basis of selected abstracts/papers presented at the upcoming International conference.

Guest Editors: Dr. Bal Raju Nikku of Nepal School of Social Work and Universiti Sains Malaysia and Dr.Sharavari Karandikar-Chheda of Ohio State University College of Social Work

Intersectionalities : A Global Journal of Social Work Analysis, Research, Polity and Practice is an open access journal aims to share knowledge and facilitate collaborative discourse amongst social work theorists, practitioners, educators, activists, researchers, and the community members they serve within local, regional and global contexts. The journal seeks to promote social justice by providing a forum for addressing issues of social difference and power in relation to progressive practice, education, scholarly inquiry, and social policy.

For submission guidelines please see : http://journals.library.mun.ca/ojs/index.php/IJ/about/editorialPolicies#focusAndScope

Contact :
Bala Raju Nikku (email: brnikku@usm.my)
Sharvari Karandikar-Chheda (email: karandikar-chheda.1@osu.edu)

1.2 In memory of David Watson

Remembering David Watson and Carrying Forward His Legacy

2. Video Contest for Students:

We are inviting our young people on the campuses world wide to share their amateur videos (for this contest) highlighting their university-community engagement efforts on their campus. The length of the video should not be more than 7 minutes and there should English subtitles. They can use their local language. The video can be submitted via youtube link or any other means. The best three will be announced by a committee and will be screened during the conference. The applicants will receive a free registration (for one person if more than one as a team) and a certificate of recognition.

3. Best Paper and Poster Prize:

(details will be posted soon)