Background of the Conference

The idea of engagement is not a recent phenomenon. It has been developed, debated and advocated over the last decade by higher education scholars, policy organizations, foundations, and institutional leaders in numerous writings and presentations. Through all the works, it has been proved that the university community engagement is very crucial to expanding the scope and reach of social work educators and practitioners to various groups, institutions and organizations in the community, and to establish theory with practice.
The idea and approach of university and community engagement is fairly a new approach for most of the colleges in Nepal even though it has been in practice in many universities aboard. The conference is an initiative of the Nepal School of Social Work (NSSW) to bring together the people in such engagement to improve understanding of  role of  university and community  for Integration, Innovation and Impact in the society.
It would also help to highlight various community engagement practices and initiatives that are already prevalent in Nepal and bring to light what is happening across Asia and pan-Asia under the umbrella of university community engagement. The main idea is to provide a platform for sharing and understanding the core value and practice of university community initiatives and integrating various practices to suit the scenario and preferences of each of the countries of each of the participating members.
This event followed by the recently concluded successful APUCEN summit 2014 in Penang, Malaysia will further provide opportunities to old and new APUCEN members and prospective members to join a growing local and global movement for community and university engagement to craft sustainable societies and a just world.
Besides, the platform will offer a variety of keynote speakers, workshops, teaching circles, poster sessions an engagement with practitioners and communities. The 3 day carefully crafted event focuses on creating connections with community and university activists, innovators and researchers from the Asia in particular and around the world.


Broad Objectives:
  • To share evidence-based scientific knowledge to improve the understanding of, and action on University Community Engagements practices, particularly the role of University and community leaders.
  • To boost awareness and engagement by facilitating dialogues on UCE theme and best practices among APUCEN and other members and Institutions, bridging the field of science, policy and practice.
  • To foster partnership for action by strengthening regional and global co-operation and to further encourage UCE in Asia and beyond.
Specific Objectives:
  • To meet and network with various field experts, academicians and relevant stakeholders [e.g. NGOs, government agencies, multinational corporation (MNC)] from Asia and beyond.
  • To facilitate potential networking, partnership and collaboration at the international level.
  • To get updated on the regional development in university-community engagement.
  • To learn best practices in community engagement through CE Workshop, sharing of experiences in parallel sessions and keynotes by renowned experts.
  • To learn and adopt good University Community Engagement practices to suit to the local and regional context.
  • To provide a platform to showcase the CE practices and activities of various institutions in Asia and beyond.