About the Conference

The International Conference on “Nurturing University Community Engagement: Integration, Innovation and Impact” is a follow-up event of the recently concluded successful APUCEN summit 2014 in Penang, Malaysia. It will further provide opportunities to prospective members and participants to join a growing local and global movement for university and community engagement to craft sustainable societies and a just world.

It will offer a variety of participants and keynote speakers a platform to foster national and international networks through workshops, poster and paper presentations and engagement with practitioners and communities. The three- day long carefully crafted event focuses on creating connections with community and university activists, innovators and researchers from around the world to encourage and enhance university community engagement opportunities and practices.

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Goals of the Conference

The conference aims at providing an international platform for dialogue, experience-sharing, knowledge-sharing, networking and integration, where participants from around the world, with the knowledge gained, can help further community engagement initiatives back in their countries and also support their fellow-nations in the process.

Who Can Participate

  • University and college faculty and staff members who are involved in engaged scholarship or studying the impacts of engaged scholarship
  • Higher education administrators who are interested in increasing the support their institutions provide to faculty, staff members, and students to engage with communities through scholarship and evidence-based practice
  • Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who are engaged in service-learning activities or who are studying the impact of service-learning and community engagement
  •  Community partners who are working with colleges and universities to foster and strengthen collaborations

Expected Outcomes

The conference will offer ample work-space where participants will be able to network, discuss and propose specific ways to move forward through meaningful partnerships for the development of ASEAN and Asian communities. The conference will also help in encouraging and developing community engagement practices in countries, where proper community engagement practices are lacking through learning and international partnerships with possible stakeholders and experts.

“Bring a Book to Share”

We request all the participants to enhance the experience of learning by sharing at the conference by contributing a book to the NSSW resource.

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